April 20, 2012

Graphic Design for Frances Baker

This is pretty exciting for me, as it's the first job of this kind that I've done outside of design school. As most of you know, I've been working with Josie on many little things, but this is probably one of my favourite jobs to date....it could be a case of too much coffee and the excitement of several courier deliveries. Sad, right?

Josie was asked by Etsy if she would like to contribute to their stall for the Finders Keepers market, which, might I say is a hugely exciting opportunity, I'm so excited for her! We decided to bite the bullet and produce some business cards as well as some little postcards to promote her store and blog. Our house  kind of feels like a little creative studio, Josie sewing away, me designing little bits and pieces, talking to printers and our beautiful photographer friend Hannah. It's been pretty surreal, though I fear I might have let school take the back-burner a little too much. OOPS! Oh well, real world jobs people! AND a totally amazing opportunity to work with some of my favourite people doing something I am totally in love with. Love love love. Yep. I said I was excited. That's no lie.

Here's a little peek at what we've done!

Frances Baker in print


  1. gorgeous! i might have to pop by this market....

  2. thanks ailsa!! you most definitely should, there are a lot of really wonderfully talented makers there. x