March 19, 2012

Final Pattern #2 for Frances Baker


This be the second pattern design for Frances Bakers new collection. I think the gold makes it my favourite. I'm pretty busy today so I won't bother you too much with the particulars!

process...kind of

the fabric

It might be hard to tell from some of these photos (alas, printing at night has made them a little on the dark side) but I believe that the way the fabric is dyed sort of makes it look like clouds in a city night sky. You know, when the sky is more purple than midnight blue, and the clouds reflect the light pollution making them sort of pinky orange? (i make it sound so romantic)

Frances Baker AW12 Pattern #2 3

Frances Baker AW12 Pattern #2 2

Frances Baker AW12 Pattern #2

golden water

The sink-full of golden water was also pretty rad.