March 17, 2012

Final Pattern #1 for Frances Baker

Frances Baker AW12 5

I'm pretty excited to share this with you all. As some of you would know, I have been working closely with friend/housemate/genius Frances Baker on her latest collection for Autumn/Winter 2012. We've been scheming about patterns for quite a while now. And since being back from Adelaide, we've progressed in leaps and bounds. You probably saw a few posts back about some of the progress it has been making. Anyhow, on a quiet Monday afternoon (a few weeks ago) I got down to printing. It was pretty exciting for me, and for Josie too! We're still deliberating over names. So many average names...(my naming skills are lacking)

Frances Baker AW12 1

Frances Baker AW12 3

Frances Baker AW12 2

Frances Baker AW12 4