February 18, 2012

Oh, it's been a long while!

I don't have a lot to say but I have been working on some pretty exciting things of late.

Best kind of view
Marigolds blooming
Chamomile drying

These are a few shots of my new house. That view at the top, that's what I can see from where I work at my desk. I feel pretty lucky. The others are a few new plants I've acquired. Marigold's and Chamomile to be exact.

Frances Baker logo
Frances Baker swingtags

Some design work for Frances Baker. I have loved working with Josie, she has been so supportive of my style and nothing beats when things just work and everyone is happy. It helps when you know your client well, designing for them becomes a whole lot simpler. I love Josie's aesthetic with everything that she does. Taking note of little things like the colours she wears and items/ideas that she is drawn to has made things very easy indeed! I think one of the most exciting things for me, has been dabbling in watercolour once more, which is unfortunately, not something I get to do as often as I would like. In a nutshell, awesome clients RULE!

Stamps for Frances Baker A/W 2012
Frances Baker pattern A/W 2012
Frances Baker pattern A/W 2012
Frances Baker pattern A/W 2012

But, perhaps the most exciting thing of all, is working with Josie on her latest collection for Autumn/Winter 2012. I've been given the task of creating a patten for some of her beautiful garments and I can't wait to get printing. I feel incredibly lucking to be able to explore my growing love for textiles with such a wonderfully talented friend and designer. There has been a lot of experimentation, I have a literal mountain of experiments, some good but not quite right, others downright atrocious. It has been incredibly fun!


  1. What a gorgeous post! Those plants look absolutely beautiful xo

    1. Oh, I only just saw this!
      Thank you so much Kailey! The Marigolds are in bloom now, so pretty ox