November 25, 2011

loving and leaving

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I have lived at a little house in Brunswick for two years now. It's been the longest I've been in one place since I moved to Melbourne, so I am pretty attached to the little place (I repeat myself on the little thing because, well, i ain't kidding). Kat has been my house mate through some pretty fun, turbulent and exciting times. Sometimes I wonder how we got through it all, RMIT, sharing such a tiny space through life's little trials. It wasn't all hard though. There have been many early morning/late night heart to hearts, (we once decided on a D 'n M safe word - for when things get a little tooooo deep...or off topic.) I will miss shooting the breeze with this lady while we wait for the kettle to boil, Making cat noises at each other when there is nothing else to say, decorating the house together, you name it, I'll miss it.

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Our home has become a sort of creative nest and it's only been these last few days packing that I've begun to realise how many fond memories will revolve around Mitchell St. At times I felt so attached to them that I didn't want to move on, but the time has come. Kat is going to travel and grow and have a wonderful time exploring all that the world has to offer. I will move to Coburg with my lovely friend Hannah and her beautiful kitty, Jemima and continue to study. The Coburg house has so much to offer, there's a garden and space to boot! Did I mention floorboards and air conditioning? Holy heck! No more toilet noises in the night. No more old carpet (don't get me wrong, i love the carpet but it's definitely past it's prime) Plus nothing, NOTHING beats cleaning, organising and letting things go.

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So how does one deal with such a thing? By making a mix about loving and leaving of course. Some say change is the only constant in life, other people say it's better than a holiday. I'm sure I am not the only person at the moment who is loving and leaving, so this mix might also be good for some of you out there in the wide old world as well.


  1. *also cries*... and I did not even live there. SO much making. It was totally a making house! Also very much my haven in many times of trials. Goodbye snuggly house!

  2. josie! i know! some many wonderful times have been had. and waaaaait, hang on the line Josephine Frances and Josephine Frances, you guys need to meet, so many things in common, it's too weird!

    thanks dears! ox