August 11, 2011

Noticing Patterns

I like things. My house is stuffed full with things. Now, I know a lot of other people like things too, so here are a few pictures:

noticing patterns #1

I love that doily, I like that it's both delicate and bold. In a way it reminds me of an optical illusion, sometimes I will trace the crochet stitches with my eyes to figure out where the maker made their happy mistake, I find it difficult to tell.

noticing patterns #2

noticing patterns #3

I've been arranging and organising my paper hoards. Yes, I collect paper, specifically envelopes. I love finding different patterns on the inside. So, naturally, you can imagine my excitement when I got a "special" letter from my electricity company, only to discover that the inside of the envelope had a prettier pattern than the usual e-in-a-box thing. I know it's only scrap paper but I adore it.

I have only just got to sit down to start on a freelance job that involves pattern making. I am a little excited about it. I like to make collages as a distraction apparently. I'll call it research.

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