July 23, 2011

Happy weekend.

It's going to be one busy weekend. You know when you can feel it in your bones?

Firstly, we have our second stall at the North Melbourne Market this weekend!!
So if you happen to be around the Errol Street area on Sunday, you should pop in to see us! There is a door charge but a lot to see. And if you are iffy about parting with dollars, we will make up for it with free treats (so it balances out) AND you're supporting local crafty people. Double thumbs up.

Aside from all this hullabaloo, I am also excited about:
- Baking!
- Making badges
- Brainstorming various plans and ideas (this never gets old)
- These things:

josie poster preview
I have been putting the last touches on Josie's poster. It's |>this close<| to being finished!

So much drawing has been happening!

succulents on the windowsill
flowering succulents
My succulent collection has grown and grown. It feels a little more like an indoor garden in here and I love it so! It almost totally makes up for the lack of cat (and outdoor garden!) in my life.


I finally put together my little terrarium!! Remember this post? I wandered around Kat and Josie's parents house one weekend and collected various bits of moss and lichen. I was so eager to get back home and put this together once I had all the bits and pieces. It's been worth the wait!

Today we have a crafternoon/working bee to keep us busy and I will need to run around and do some errands that I probably should have done yesterday, but isn't that always the way?

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