July 23, 2011

Happy weekend.

It's going to be one busy weekend. You know when you can feel it in your bones?

Firstly, we have our second stall at the North Melbourne Market this weekend!!
So if you happen to be around the Errol Street area on Sunday, you should pop in to see us! There is a door charge but a lot to see. And if you are iffy about parting with dollars, we will make up for it with free treats (so it balances out) AND you're supporting local crafty people. Double thumbs up.

Aside from all this hullabaloo, I am also excited about:
- Baking!
- Making badges
- Brainstorming various plans and ideas (this never gets old)
- These things:

josie poster preview
I have been putting the last touches on Josie's poster. It's |>this close<| to being finished!

So much drawing has been happening!

succulents on the windowsill
flowering succulents
My succulent collection has grown and grown. It feels a little more like an indoor garden in here and I love it so! It almost totally makes up for the lack of cat (and outdoor garden!) in my life.


I finally put together my little terrarium!! Remember this post? I wandered around Kat and Josie's parents house one weekend and collected various bits of moss and lichen. I was so eager to get back home and put this together once I had all the bits and pieces. It's been worth the wait!

Today we have a crafternoon/working bee to keep us busy and I will need to run around and do some errands that I probably should have done yesterday, but isn't that always the way?

July 15, 2011

North Melbourne Market!!!

I am pretty late on posting about the stall we did for Apple Cart at the North Melbourne Market (Gosh, was it really nearly a month ago!? I can't believe market #2 is coming up next weekend!) SO, there's no time like the present to post this!!

Preparation for North Melbourne Market 2

The night before the big day I stayed home and made a few things like hand-drawn signs, A LOT of soup (oh, cold winter nights!) and a batch of chocolate cupcakes with orange-sour-cream frosting. I also made some little flags to stick in the cupcakes and wrote out tags for items I was selling, all that jazz. It was very productive.

On Sunday we got up super early and loaded up the car, arrived and set up in record time. Throughout the day I met some lovely people (Hello Claire of Jemima And Geraldine and Lyndel from Vintage, Retro & Simply Cute Shopping), worked on my scarf (which I have since unraveled and started again about 4 times? Crochet novice!).
I really enjoyed peeking at the other stalls and mostly wished that I had more money...At the end of the day I did purchase a dress and a scarf though (I couldn't resist!). We all ate a lot of cupcakes, and I even had time to pop out for coffee with some of my dear North Melbourne friends. On the topic of friends, we had loads of support from dears who came to say hello throughout the day, we fed them cupcakes and they bought some of our wares (Thanks guys!).

Apple Cart Stall 1

I think it's safe to say that Josie, Katherine and I were really happy with the way the stall turned out. A last minute decision to use a branch in my room for the bunting turned into a wonderful idea. (We may have stolen the other branch from a tree in a park nearby (sorry tree!)).
The girls had a great day too and Apple Cart got some good press as a result! (see here!).

Apple Cart Stall 2

A few close-ups of the stall. You can see some of Katherine's super cute crocheted apples. I love the way the blue one looks next to the zine. And I swear I was restocking the plate of cupcakes, not eating them!

Preparation for North Melbourne Market 1

Here are some of my little succulents all ready to go. I was kind of glad I only sold the one because I've grown rather attached to them. I also think I might try something new for the next few. I won't tell you what though, that would spoil the suprise!

Hand illustrated tote bags.

Lastly. here are a few of the illustrations I did for the tote bags that Josie and I collaborated on. The pun one will have to be redone because it was well received. I ended up keeping the pink cat for myself, because, well, I kind of fell in love with him. All the tote bags are lined with new and vintage sourced by Josie. The girl has wonderful taste in gingham and checks. There is another kitty tote in orange as well, but I just couldn't leave Mr. Pink behind.

So that's it! phew. Now I can post about some other things.
Stay tuned!! x

July 4, 2011

Three Crafternoons in a row!

Well, it has been long enough. So much has been happening!

Here, my friends, is a little photographic rundown of the big Crafternoon that we had before the North Melbourne Market. It was extremely productive, so much fun was had consuming various foods, crafting up a storm, planning and dreaming about the future. Such a great way to spend a long weekend!!


This is roughly everything I need to be creative away from home. Stacks of paper, the material for the tote bags I hand illustrated, watercolours, some crochet (just in case i get a spare moment), my Moleskine and the usual suspects. Oh! plus a gluten-free brownie (for kicks!).


Crafternoon in progress. Josie drew up all the letters and made bunting for the stall (very impressive!!). I drew up some of the little sketches from my sketchbook and developed them until I was happy, then I drew them onto the calico. It was totes fun. (We had so many silly tote puns all weekend). Katy crocheted up a storm, making apples and pot holders and scarfs galore.


Food, is so important!
Top: I popped over to Sushi Burger for some lunch. I was really hungry and wanted something sushi-fied. This little guy was around the $7 mark (I think!) He had chili sauce, fresh salmon, lettuce and kewpie mayonaise, sandwiched between sushi rice and nori. Oh man, was it ever fresh and super tasty.
In the middle: My Adzuki Bean Brownie. I think this version was the best that I have made to date. It was intensely chocolatey and a bit sweeter than I usually make it. The whole thing was gone by Monday afternoon.
Bottom: Josie and Sam made the most spectacular Chili-bean pot pie. Man, I wish I could eat this again, it was like a Shepherds Pie had a Mexican love affair. I finished the whole serve and felt so blissfully content for the rest of the evening.


Late night Apple Cart zine orders being filled. We hand drew on every single envelope, so no two were the same. I did these little teacup people. It was lots of fun!

There are so many more photos to share but I need to upgrade my Flickr account pretty badly. And! I really want to get onto showing you guys the finished product!! We were so proud of our hard work at the end of the day.
It is so much fun working/being creative with your friends and sharing delicious food.