June 9, 2011


I said to myself I would update before midnight, and um, i didn't quite make it, but that's a-OK because I'm pretty much late to everything anyhow.

I have some biggish news which is good or bad depending on how you look at it. I will have much more time creatively at least (Which is good because there's SO MUCH going on around me at the moment that I feel sort of like I just want to get caught up in everything). Life feels so much better already.

I also discovered that Josie, Katy and I got a stall at the North Melbourne Market for the next three months! It's very exciting. So busy drawing and planning, collecting various things, having crafternoons. I will be learning to Gocco which excites so much it isn't true!!

Here are some rough roughs:

work in progress 1

work in progress 2

And it's 12:16...16 minutes late.

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