May 23, 2011

hello stranger

Whoa, oops. I sort of got very busy. Life = no blogging, it's how it goes.

Here's the condensed version:

Wonderful, talented Josie had been staying with me for a whole month! It was soooooo good to have an old Adelaide chum about the place.

My sister and dear friend Alice also stopped by for a few days.

My God parents visited from the UK.

Class has been...happening.

I did the art for a 7" for Lowtide as well as a tour poster. It's a really flipping good release, see for yourself

I worked a couple of days with the wonderful guys at makedo, but had to pack it in when I realised that I'd kind of overloaded myself a little bit work-wise. Oops! It was exciting all the same!

All together, it was a spectacularly inspiring, busy, grounding, nurturing, social month-and-a-half? of visitors, etc. but now its nose-to-the-grindstone. Sort of in a grueling, FUCK, I missed a lot of class kind of way.


There are some exciting things happening for the Apple Cart girls. It's fun having a crafty household. I will most definitely be contributing to the next issue.

Some exciting things are happening for Josie as well, I'm currently working on a poster for a show she's written. Which will be coming to Melbourne for the Fringe!

And me, I have been to a whooooole lot of super good exhibitions. So many, it would require a whole post to explain but...on that note, I actually started a tumblr of work/music/whatever inspires me (another internet thingy...oh dear!). This way, I can start using THIS place as more of a my work kind of deal? yep.

So, it's been busy. And now I have an actual stack of homework that is sort of consuming my bedroom, it gets larger every day I sit down and many leads have exhausted themselves on various drawings and oh, so much paper! BUT, doing it the long way is the best way. Even if it does mean that I live in paper city.