September 23, 2010

Just when you thought it was safe to pop your head out of the woods

A run down before I was run down:

Ghost patrol
The dude is king of all woodsy, Zelda inspired? type of drawings. Hands down. Love what he does. Tents and bundles of sticks and intricate little Seurat-pointy creatures. Melts my heart. I wish I could create work like him. I really do.

Timba Smits, amazing style. Really exciting work. For me anyway. I've looked through stacks of old newsprint and magazines in my time and the dude just gets how to evoke that kind of old-worldly (I hate to say vintage (..Too commonplace?)) style.
Spectacular colour schemes. He knows how to execute a work perfectly. I have a totally lame, designer crush* on him. His work just stands out for me in a sea of other printed matter...I just dig. OK?

The guys/girls in between were all good and I enjoyed what they did and seeing their process was great, I adore these conferences for this reason alone, it's far better than reading any book or magazine article. Seeing them in the flesh, discussing with you what they are passionate about really does it for me. If I could be that good, man...I don't know what.

Buck, another big stander-outer for me. Loads of animation (I was excited by their rotoscoping and stop motion stuff), lots of awesome colour (I will not say pop colours, I will not), really playful. You can just tell these guys do it with heart. Which is also important to me? The proof is in the pudding, you seriously need to check out their love jobs. The work they did for the Sundance Film Festival was pretty epic and really beautiful...and fun too. Golden trio? I think so?

Anyway...enough banter
(not really)

On the plane to Adelaide (thanks ma and pa!)
I read an article on this fellow called Damon Kowarsky. He was talking about his time in Cairo and this one part (that, might have been a pull-quote but whatever) really stood out for me....(no shit?) He had a favourite restaurant which he hadn't visited in about four years. He went back and the waiter(?) looked at his watch and said to him something along the lines of: it's been four years, welcome back. Pretty awesome. His work is nice and simple but wonderfully drawn (I think so at least).

Cairo III, Damon Kowarsky

I was talking to a friend about cats (surprise, surprise) and I remembered this Dave Eggers print I saw somewhere...(apparently it's in a book he did, It Is Right to Draw Their Fur: Animal Renderings by Dave Eggers)


I love being home. Cats, cups of tea, family, garden, books and movies galore. It's easy to forget who you are sometimes. Coming home really puts my head back on the right way (face forward, not behind.... well maybe I'll do the odd glance backwards, it's important after all to remember to look back before you move forward...I think?)

ENOUGH! You say.
I'll draw something sometime and post it perhaps?

*Designer crush...I sound like a total up-my-own-ass-douche-bag, but in all honestly, I think he's pretty tops in terms of what he does as a designer. Just saying.

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