August 28, 2010

My Bloody Valentine blow my brains out.

I'm pretty self conscious about my lack of music knowledge BUT headphones on, these guys blasting, listening to every single steel-wool fuzzy twangy guitar part blisses me out.
Thinking about the complexity of their sound, truly pining to find out exactly what Kevin Shields' process is. Knowing only that you have a ripped off copy and then instantly feeling like the worst person alive. The sound pixelation (correct term unknown?) Add it's own little touch. Loveless: compression remix. Eat this:

A Mille-feuille-type wall of sound... But then again, perhaps it's more like a luxurious yoghurt?

If I were to make a friendship type bracelet, it would be like one of those woven WWJD numbers but it would read: WWKSD? Because whatever he flipping does he does it right.

Later, I would read this on an entirely reputable source of wiki-information:
"I always just wanted to be like Johnny Ramone. Just be really good at one thing. I think because I was never dexterous, and because I never really learned how to play a scale, or lead guitar, or anything, but because I still wanted to be expressive, that made me use the tremolo arm, which gave me something to work with for a long time. I really get off on hearing, I can't even really describe it, the difference between hitting the same chord one way or another way, and the subtleties within that. So in that respect, more so than flashier guitar players, I can play and it sounds like the amp is turned down real low, and then play and it sounds like it's on really loud. Control."
...The dude is hands-down amazing.

Ultimate nerddom!

At work today I made my manager an email. She was feeling low because the day was off to a slow start (too much party). She ended up making budget. So, hooray.

The email looked a little something like this:

good luck


What I drew

Earlier, I felt pent up.
Now, I'm not quite spent. But a little relieved.

no more sorry is an excellent song

Make-do Lola House

happy times

lola nose montage