April 14, 2010

sometimes always

i'm pretty non-committal but generally, procrastinating means updates.

i've been big into colours for a long time. not that you would guess, black and white is usually my go to. why would you complicate something with colour if you don't need colour?
that aside, finding/discovering perfect colour combinations pretty much excites the hell out of me. i will play with colour pencils and arrange them to my liking, put clothes/fabrics/household items together based on what i consider to be a perfect colour combination. my perception of the "perfect colour combination" probably isn't to everyone's taste but if it is, then excellent! we should get together, have a drink and play with colours.

i keep telling myself to buy film for my camera so i can document such things. i refuse to buy replacement batteries for my digital camera (until i can afford rechargeables) and film is so much nicer. because of this lame excuse i'm stuck in a camera-less no mans land relying heavily on my shitty webcam, which is the worst image capturing device ever invented. next i'll be using my fucking mobile phone.

i believe that film in a decent/purposefully shit camera is better than any digital medium so hopefully this will happen. i'm not committing to promises or anything like that, that's not how i roll.

so here it is:

obus cardi and scarf care of k.rudd's stimulus package last year. mustard and blue=i'm in love. the tea cup was an op shop find near my home in adelaide. It's german and i can't get enough of the pattern. put them together and what do you have?

excuse the vanity. lurex sweater and a pink nylon slip in my bedroom which is cream and pink. for instant colour combination bliss-out, just add some nars lipstick in heat wave.

i also have been drawing to procrastinate. sometimes i wonder if i will actually manage to get any work done :(

it is small and upside-down because i don't like it and it doesn't look right to me any other way.

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