April 27, 2010

inspiring stuff

aron wiesenfeld. kind of like realistic edward gorey-esk characters (gorey because of the texture of his drawings/elongated bodies) through the eyes of michael sowa and the dutch golden age. His drawings in particular are so amazing, the detail in the skin tone and textures...the paintings are equally brilliant.

it's agideas this week and today i would like to express my love (so far) for:

dean poole and the alt group for their amazingly inspiring work that draws a lot on poole's interest in art/sculpture, which is close to my heart. he is also a witty man and i am more than partial to wit.

robyn beeche also spoke. her photographic work blows me away. i adore the amount of effort that went into her shoots and the make-up and the era. this picture in particular made me swoon.

it made me think of this fellow:

who for some reason i can't stop thinking about. i don't know what's up with my head.

there were other great speakers, some great illustrators. hearing about how they got to where they are is pretty awesome and very inspiring. just the kick in the ass i need after this horrendous month.

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