June 4, 2009

forest life

i live in melbourne and study graphic design in the hope that one day i'll be paid to do something i love.
my friend katherine advised me that i should start a blog.
i'm interested in many things and want to treat this as a place of inspirational titbits and findings, etc, etc
busy times! but when i draw, i'll post. hopefully.

so for starters, i love:

julianna barwick's music is wonderful and i adore the cover of her florine ep

another awesome album cover - au's verbs. such pretty colours and shapes, also, their music kind of blows my mind.

ghostpatrol constantly impresses me. walking down the street and seeing his work makes me pretty darn happy.

i love i am ciara's collage work. reminiscent of hand coloured photographs and illustrations from national geographic magazines, jumbled together in a kind of technicolour wonderland. i am in awe of her attention to detail and composition.

the first drawing, is old. i'll scan a new one next time. perhaps.

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